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The use of dental lasers has increased greatly in medicine and dentistry in the last decade. The dental laser has many uses in treating the mouth. The laser light is focused on the treatment area and the procedure is finished in seconds. For example, when the laser light is “shined” around the gums, disease causing germs die and allow the gums to heal and bleed less.

We utilize a dental laser in our office to treat many oral problems. The laser has various settings to aid in many dental treatments. It is particularly useful in gum treatments which can help avoid periodontal surgery by immediately killing the germs which cause gum and bone deterioration. It can be set to ablate (“vaporize”) diseased tissue. It is painless and takes only a few minutes. Some of the procedures include: laser bacterial reduction, tooth desensitization, laser removal of lesions, moles, growths and laser cold sore treatment.

Our study, published in The Journal of Laser Dentistry, demonstrated that laser bacterial reduction performed during your routine dental cleaning (prophylaxis) will improve gum health and reduce bleeding gums. Laser treatment can also be added to your regular periodontal cleaning visit to immediately kill the germs and improve oral health.

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